The mission of Oyster Bay Disc Golf Club is to:

  • Maintain the disc golf course at Oyster Bay Shoreline Park

  • Grow the sport

  • Promote sportsmanship within the sport

  • Promote health, both physical and mental, through disc golf

  • Outreach to the community


  • Oyster Bay Disc Golf Course opened to the public on October 10, 2021

  • Oyster Bay Disc Golf Club was incorporated as a non-profit public benefit corporation to support and maintain the Oyster Bay Disc Golf community

  • Oyster Bay Disc Golf Club is a non-profit charity established in the United States under the US IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) - donations from persons or entities located in the United States may benefit from tax deductible status

Club Leadership

  • President: Carter Aasen

  • Secretary: Geoff Rexroth

  • Treasurer: Eric Livak Hale

  • Course Liaison: Perry Smith